4 Tips on Booking a Venue

Whatever type of event you’re planning- be it wedding reception, charity fundraiser, or business event- your venue is important. When auditioning banquet halls Tampa, FL, it’s important to keep these few tips in mind.

1.    Capacity

The first thing you need to consider is your guest list. How many people have you invited? Are they allowed to bring guests? How many do you think will actually show?

The size of the venue will have a direct impact on how comfortable people feel at your event. You don’t want an oversized ballroom for an intimate group, just as much as you don’t want to cram 100 people into a space meant for 80.

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Keep in mind that larger venues are able to set up partitions to accommodate smaller parties.

2.    Location

Location is everything. An affordable venue thirty miles from town might seem like the deal of the century. But you need to consider your guests.

Is it so far away that they might not think about coming? Would a taxi cost too much to get there?

You also need to consider the neighborhood in which the venue is located. If it’s hard to find or there isn’t enough parking, people might skip your event altogether.

3.    Amenities

Are tables, chairs, and basic decorations included? Do they provide a caterer? What about wait staff and bartenders? If there is going to dancing, you’ll need hookups for a DJ.

Guests would appreciate the presence of charging stations and free Wi-Fi as well.

4.    Interior

Make sure the venue is clean and free from unsightly cracks. Some wear and tear can be covered by decorations, but if the place doesn’t take pride in its appearance, how can you expect them to meet your party’s needs?

You want to make a good impression on your guests, so make sure the venue makes a good impression on you.